9/11 Veritas Vincit

[The Truth Prevails]

September 11, 2001 changed the world but not the way most imagine.  To understand how the events of 9/11 unfolded, you must leave your preconceptions behind and start fresh.  In reality,  9/11 was a state of the art weapons expo—a demonstration of the worlds most powerful armaments, never before seen.  It was NOT “fire and jet fuel.”  Let’s start with what you know.

Larry Silverstein [Lucky Larry] was the owner of the World Trade Center.  On September 11, 2001, Larry had a doctor’s appointment that was cancelled (he says).  Instead of showing up at Windows of the World (restaurant at the top of the North Tower) for his daily breakfast, which he had traditionally done for many years, Larry decided to walk around New York City!  Lucky Larry survived the 9/11 attacks, as did his family.  Larry’s daughter Lisa also happened to miss work on that frightful day and as luck would have it, Larry’s son was running late on that same day.  Compounding his luck, Larry took out a very large insurance policy on his World Trade Center Properties just weeks prior to the attacks that explicitly included a rider for “terrorist attacks.”  Due to Mr. Silverstein’s astute risk management, the final settlement from the insurer(s) was over $4.5 Billion.

In another coincidence at the World Trade Center, the sitting President’s brother, Marvin P. Bush sat on the Board of Directors [1993-2000] for the company that maintained security for the World Trade Center Towers.  That company, Securacom, as well controlled security:

  • Dulles Airport, where the Pentagon hijackers boarded [AA Flight 77]
  • Logan International, UAL Flight 175 [S. Tower] AA Flight 11 [N. Tower]
  • Newark International, UAL Flight 93 [Shanksville, PA]

Marvin Bush’s’ last year on the board of Securacom coincided with his first year on the board of HCC Insurance [formerly Houston Casualty Co.], one of the insurance carriers for the World Trade Center.  Securacom has since changed its name to Stratesec. 

Putting aside the popular sub-plots:

  • Unrecovered gold stored in the WTC lower level vault(s)
  • Pentagon disclosure of missing $2.3 Trillion on September 10, 2001
  • Subsequent War on Terror—$8+ Trillion
  • Abdication of our right to privacy via the Patriot Act

…the preceding is the easy part—the rest will be hard to swallow and potentially put your mind in a state of denial or cognitive dissonance.  Grasping the evil reality of what happened on that day will be very difficult.  We all experienced the horror of 9/11 and that horror that is about to turn into rage—but truth cannot be forced, rather discovered on its own. 

The initial attack on the North Tower was a Raytheon built AGM glide missile.  The AGM-154A Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW) is the product of a joint venture between the United States Navy and Air Force to deploy a standardized medium range precision guided weapon, especially for engagement of defended targets from outside the range of standard anti-aircraft defenses, thereby increasing aircraft survivability and minimizing friendly losses.

The warhead consists of sub-munitions that have a shaped charge for armor defeating capability, a fragmenting case for material destruction, and a zirconium ring for incendiary effects.  This incendiary breakthrough defined and demonstrated a titanium-boron, self-propagating, high-temperature, synthesis reaction warhead capable of generating a reactant cloud at 3700°C [6692º F exceeding the melting point of steel—2500º F]

The warhead releases extremely large amounts of energy, providing the means to incinerate a variety of targets. Its fire-start capability is such that, once initiated, the fire cannot be quenched. When water is employed to douse the fire, the reaction disassociates the water into hydrogen and oxygen, and a secondary reaction forming oxides of titanium and boron releases additional energy to enhance the firestorm capability of the warhead. It has the ability to destroy aircraft shelters, conventional buildings, damage other targets and offers significant promise of neutralizing biological and chemical agents.

Raytheon incorporated the Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module [SAASM] in the AGM.  A reverse application of that technology enabled the GPS signature of the incoming missile to mimic that of American Airlines Flight 11.  The flash seen before the missile impact was not an explosion—it was the condensation cloud produced from the bay doors opening.

­­­­­­­­­­­The next attack on the South Tower was the money shot, with maximum worldwide live video exposure.  It was not UAL Flight 175—but a remotely piloted, laser guided Boeing military aircraft with a hidden Boeing Defense & Space Group [Lockheed Martin] built AGM-86 [cruise] missile [under the left wing].  This warhead, like the AGM-154, was designed as a bunker buster for destroying chemical weapons, in the soon-to-be “War on Terror.”  There is a reason it looked like it melted into the building—because it technically did—reinforced with DU [depleted uranium], the wings literally cut through the building.  The airborne THEL [tactical high-energy laser] targeted and heated the plane, turning the whole thing into an armor-piercing weapon, also accounting for the static charge right before impact, as seen on the CNN video.

If missiles hit the 9/11 targets, what happened to the planes?  This is the only part without proof but there is evidence: the planes were hijacked, first by the terrorist “patsies”, then by Lockheed.  From there they were remotely piloted to a location where they would never be found—Hurricane Erin, about 600 miles off the East Coast. 

The technology used to spoof the GPS signature(s) of the hijacked commercial flights was also used to mask their real transponders.  Twice fighter jets were scrambled to the East, in line with the hurricane. Once the GPS spoofing took over, they were called back. Those planes [AA-11, UAL-175 and AA-77] all went down in the hurricane with the wreckage now under two miles of Atlantic Ocean.

Just before the collapse of the tower, use of the airborne laser generated the molten steel dripping down the side of South Tower before the neutrons arrived [spoiler-see below], accounting for the tilt just prior to falling.  The external heat generated by the Airborne THEL Laser would have made it unbearably hot causing many people to jump.

With the attention of the world on the Twin Towers, the pièce de résistance was unveiled—Generation IV Nuclear Fusion.  This is what 9/11 was all about. This was the world debut of the 4th Generation Nuclear Age of Weapons & Energy, in which the technological breakthrough of fast ignition fusion was finally achieved. The race for this technology began in the 1960’s and 9/11 was a display of who won the race.

Under the three towers was the sphere [target chamber] with the elaborate housing of the ignition device—the Petawatt Laser [petawatt (PW) = one billion million watts or 1015 W].  The massive Petawatt laser fires inside the Target Chamber, creating light pressure and temperature for the nuclear fusion of Deuterium and Tritium.  During the final stage of the implosion, the fuel core reaches pressures of 300 billion atmospheres and temperatures of 200 million degrees Fahrenheit.  When the nuclei fuse, a tiny amount of mass is converted into a huge amount of energy [E=MC2].  This is why the building(s) blew apart.  It was one massive conductor for high-energy particles. The steel columns, anchored to bedrock, were hit with the energy released from the laser fusion device spreading throughout the entire structure.  What we witnessed was not jet-fuel, thermite, or a controlled demolition—it was a nuclear explosion in the following collapse sequence:

  • Electromagnetic pulse
  • Upward explosion from the ICF reaction below the tower
  • Steam eruption events caused by the gamma ray burst
  • Blast wave of pressure expanding outward from the explosive core
  • Blast wind of negative pressure pulling matter back towards the center
  • Mushroom cloud rising

The reported earthquake WAS NOT because the tower fell.  It happened BEFORE due to the nuclear explosion.  The elevator shaft funneled the energy, which spread throughout the rest of the structure to produce the powerful plasma jet.  Steel beams shot out like arrows into the adjacent buildings.  A 4th generation nuclear explosion can transfer energy to produce thermonuclear projectiles.

The laser induced fusion reaction produces “off the chart” energy that bombards TRITIUM—a blast that instantly vaporizes iron and other metals.  That is why the foundation piers were clean cut.  The laser can get the tritium to 100 million degrees Celsius and that is not a typo.  It is like the core of a star during a supernova!  The building was being steadily pulsed with high energy particles until the entire steel skeleton and exterior were at the breaking point—then one final pop of energy caused the atoms to accelerate to nearly the speed of light and boom!  The people that planned and executed 9/11 were the very same people that investigated and decreed: jet-fuel brought the Towers down.  When you revisit video of the collapsing towers, you will realize we have all been defrauded!

The neutrons were moving fast and as the roof is collapsing, everything in the center of the building just turned into powder. What some thought was controlled demolition was the dustified contents of the floors being blown out. The molten steel was vaporized. 

Now the question is why?  The answer is easy—it’s the scale that is monumental.  Inertial Confinement Fusion [ICF] will be able to create virtually limitless power. This new energy would not require power lines for transportation. It can be beamed out like Tesla's invention. Inertial and Magnetic Confinement Fusion will be the bedrock of all the future energy produced throughout the world.   Developed for the Department of Energy at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory [LLNL], this technology was patented and owned by [or assigned to] the Board of Regents of the University of California.  Some of the names on the Board might be familiar: Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, Janet Napolitano, Gavin Newsom & Diane Feinstein.  The board also controls the LLNL. 

California has a 100% Zero-Emission Power goal.  The legislation requires 50% of the states electricity be supplied by renewable resources by 2025, 60% by 2030 and 100% “zero-carbon” electricity by 2045, which can include nuclear power.

Can you now see how this scam works?  9/11 was about control of the world’s future energy production.  They have the patents for the facilities [under construction], the legislative mandate [self-imposed] and now a limitless fuel supply through Inertial Confinement Fusion.  The entire operation is corroborated by the Global Warming hysteria shoved down our throats by an unethical media, venal politicians, fraudulent scientists and throngs of useful idiots.  When you control the energy supply, you rule the world and you can charge whatever you want.

That’s it—it was all about money the whole time.  $37 Trillion is pretty good start for a new business but the real benefits are in the recurring revenue model—which is second only to the taxation scam used by government(s). 

It is not my intention to shock you, although that seems unavoidable.  I mean to prepare you for the coming revelations of such unimaginable depravity, that will put many in the hospital [mental institutions].

Any doubts, concerns, questions or requests are not only welcomed but strongly encouraged.  Inquire through the link below where source research material is located. 

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