American Renaissance

The primary difference between America and every other nation state that ever existed is but one thing—the individual!  America is a concept that proved beyond any doubt, that the individual, if freed from the shackles of the monarch, has no limits, save the self-imposed.  The wisdom of the Founders repudiates the deceit of the despot.  The result speaks for itself—the notion of America is Freedom.

In the 244 years since our birth, somewhere along the line [probably 1871], evil seized a foothold.  We were clearly on the path to controlled demolition of the Bill of Rights.  Events have been manufactured to dismantle the Constitution and negate the Declaration of Independence.  An exceedingly corrupt media presented the screenplay like an award winning Hollywood script.  The ruling elites have stolen trillions, held back life saving cures to deadly diseases, cheap abundant energy sources, scientific advancements beyond comprehension and proof of extraterrestrials, just to name a few [secrets].   Thanks to Q Team and their divine plan, evil is on the run.  In the 6 million years of human life, we have the good fortune to witness the forthcoming American Renaissance, which will advance human existence by orders of magnitude!

 The catalyst for the renaissance is upon us.  We are experiencing a quickening of events leading to an avalanche of earth shattering revelations.  Be prepared to learn about “adrenachrome,” shocking rituals of satanic worship and horrific crimes against children.  As discussed in an earlier entry, The Art of War, all the tools used to frame and defame Donald Trump, are returning like a boomerang to provide air-tight prosecutions of the [elite] criminals—for instance there was a plan to assassinate Trump and the Dems exclaimed to each other on social media that it would be the shot heard around the world.  The rogue missile, launched off the coast of Washington State with Air Force One in the vicinity on Sunday June 10, 2018 [traveling from the G-7 in Canada to meet Kim Jung Un in Singapore], barely got a mention in the mainstream media!  Why?  Early reports speculated that the launch came from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.  However, we can say with absolute certainty the NAS Whidbey Island does not have surface to air capability.  Filmed civilian reports from the ground estimate the missile point of origin more likely to be Ketron Island, WA, roughly 60 miles south of NAS Whidbey Island.  Coincidently, Ketron Island is where the alleged hijacker went down just 5 days later.  My working theory: we actually witnessed a white hat covert op, masked as a suicidal hijacker.  It is outside several standard deviations for an assassination attempt on POTUS and a random hijacker to converge geographically within 5 days.  The F-15 Iron Eagles used the remote controlled hijacker ruse to wipe out the launch platform—that could have been used for future black-hat false-flag operations.  In yet another “coincidence,” the island’s former owner, Paul Allen [Microsoft Co-Founder] passed away shortly after the event.  As my theory goes, Allen was behind the attempt, was arrested, tried and convicted of Treason in a Military Tribunal, fully cooperated and was given a “peaceful” execution under the guise of a health related death.  They have all been caught under FISA surveillance warrants and everyone now knows they are caught!

 If you are thinking this is all too incredible [i.e. not possible], think back to the Kennedy assassination.  Oswald kills Kennedy, with a magic bullet that defies the laws of physics and is captured just in time for the nation to witness his execution by a nightclub owner “live” on national TV.  A 3-day drama, all wrapped up with no contrary explanations considered!  Events such as Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, 9-11 and numerous school shootings, all have more questions than answers.  It’s all going to come out—everything.  It may take a while to unravel, but unraveled it will be, and publicly.  You will be completely horrified and unable to grasp the true scope of the crimes that have been committed.  The good-guys are now in charge now—there will be justice.

 If you think the POTUS and the Q Team are taking on evil alone, you would be mistaken.  Trump’s first “big deal” was the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  He negotiated a complete reversal of SA and the Arab world with a two-part gambit: (1) threatening [the stick] exposure of their nefarious activities in sex trafficking and their role in 9-11, and (2) the offer of avenging the death of a princess and one of their own Arab brothers [the carrot].  That watershed event [Diana] exposed the real attitudes of the Windsor Family towards their Arab agents.  The Royals, in desperate need of a cash infusion, took the money but never would have allowed them [Arabs] to marry into their sacred bloodline.  Trump gave them a chance for revenge and they took it!  That was the keystone!  POTUS went on to enlist the support of Russia & China and many others.  In no time, he eliminated the North Korean [CIA] threat.  Iran is next and the best for last—peace in the Middle East.

We [the public] have no idea what has been going on behind the scenes the last 2 years, by design.  It’s a matter of Military Intelligence [MI] versus FBI, CIA or NSA.  MI has no Congressional oversight nor is approval needed.  The protection of “State Secrets” has been upheld by the Supreme Court.  The Commander in Chief can impose MI take over investigations of the 3-letter agencies per the Constitution.  This is one area of the government that is not corrupt and directly serves the President.  We have no clue what MI is doing because there are no leaks.  My working theory is Team Trump had to link the traitors to Military & International Crimes to get around Obama’s Secret Pardons for the “Federal Crimes.”   Normally a US Citizen can only be tried in a Military Tribunal if the Public Courts no longer function.  However, Joint Senate Resolution-23 [JSR-23] passed on September 14, 2001 created an exception to this right and the DOJ/FBI corruption would allow POTUS to claim Public Courts no longer function, setting up the 2019 Tribunals.

Trump has built a coalition of Military Generals in the US and Saudi Arabia that can share intel on 9-11 to build cases against US Citizens suspected of committing MILITARY CRIMES and INTERNATIONAL CRIMES of Treason—each punishable by death from a Military Tribunal.  We know that SA was involved in everything from 9-11 to pedovore trafficking.  SA holds all the secrets to take them down.  In the meantime, the Justice Department is busy building 66,000+ Federal Indictments [Sealed].

Q has consistently said “NO DEALS,” however, Q has also hinted at allowing some level of choices for those convicted.  Here is the choice you get to make if convicted of TREASON: (1) the death penalty or (2) cooperate and you get life in prison.  The details of this cooperation was discussed in a previous entry, The Plan.

If are not following Q, now would be a good time.  The Q drops, on the anonymous message board serve the dual purpose of (1) a communication and control platform for the operation teams in the field plus synchronization with different intelligence agencies of other countries, and (2) a back channel for the President of the United States to bypass the severely compromised mainstream media and communicate with us directly.  All other forms of communication could easily be back-traced but the image board is not checkable for investigations—it is public and anonymous!  We see all the encoded commands [for agents in covert operations] and get to speculate which deep state target is going down today.  Why wouldn’t you want a front row seat to history? 

Conclusion: The wall will be built, the stolen funds returned to the Treasury, the Federal Reserve Bank abolished, the gold standard restored, income tax repealed and America leads humanity toward enlightenment!