Are You Awake?

To say that the Q Project is multifaceted, understates its complexity by orders of magnitude.  It follows that non-insiders [of which I am one] cannot possibly grasp the true nature of the events unfolding.  The present US administration, a de facto military government with a civilian veneer to prevent panic, is engaged in the complete replacement of a “failed and corrupt political establishment.” The process is fluid, patient and judicial, as to minimize the risk of violent civil conflict.  The mainstream media [PR division of the cabal] can no longer conceal the scale of fraud.  Understandably, many will have difficulty with the realization that everything they “know” is a lie.  Those we trusted have conned us all.

At the root of the corruption is the intelligence community [IC].  The consolidation of key Nazi personnel [post WWII-Operation Paperclip] into the US Office of Strategic Services [OSS] produced an incubator for the coming atrocity.  Shortly thereafter, the OSS rebranded into the mother of all bureaucracies—the Central Intelligence Agency.  There have always been evil people—but their tools became incredibly sophisticated.  The ability to surveil every person on the planet has given the criminals the wherewithal to compromise virtually anyone at will.  If they cannot find embarrassing information on their intended target, a family member will suffice.  This plague has infiltrated education, most corporations and every level of government with one notable exception—the military.  Although there are compromised members of the military, they self-identify by ignoring the chain of command.

The war between the Patriots [Military NSA] and the cabal [CIA] has been raging for more than a half century, commencing in earnest on November 22, 1963.  The principal battlefield has moved to cyberspace, notwithstanding significant conflicts disguised as disasters and training “accidents.”  Upon arriving at Langley, Pompeo’s mission was largely reconnaissance on strategic personnel, funding [off-book] and IT targets.  Q has been systematically dismantling the entire network.  The prominent sources of income [via black ops], human trafficking and drugs, have been shut down or severely impaired.  Q Team obliterated the agency’s state of the art communications and satellite network in the summer of 2018. 

The system, known as Snow White [directorate] and the Seven Dwarfs, was the backbone of the IT/AI network.  The cabal’s crown jewel was the HAMMER—the agency’s super-secret foreign surveillance tool that was commandeered and re-purposed as a private parallel platform for domestic surveillance by the Obama Administration.  CIA contractor and whistle-blower, Dennis Montgomery, created the HAMMER and testified in Federal Court as to the extent of the subversion.  The HAMMER is central to everything happening today, as it strong-armed anyone who got in the way.  It was a “back door” into the massive NSA database that circumvented multiple echelons of safeguards and signoffs to protect against misuse of data [4th Amendment].

An impatient public may wonder why there have been no high profile arrests or prosecutions.  The time will soon come for the adjudication of the crimes but not before the evidence and testimony is conclusive and irrefutable, even to the most ardent opposition of the President.

Fortunately the Q-Team did not have to be overly concerned with litigating past felonies because these criminals kept on committing crimes [human trafficking, drug running, election fraud, etc.] making it easy to construct a global plan of prosecution.  In the 3+ years since the election, the Department of Justice has been quite busy.  Public Access to Court Electronic Records, or PACER, is the electronic access service to case and docket information from the federal court system.  The Q Project came public in late October of 2017.  Since then there has been a meteoric increase in the number of sealed indictments.  Each indictment may contain multiple persons!

Misuse of the FISA Court played a considerable role in the surveillance of Trump & Flynn et al.  Reform has been deliberately slow, generating a massive boomerang effect.  The DOJ is using the tools illegally used against Trump for rock-solid prosecutions of the criminals via FISA umbrella surveillance warrants, of which there is abundant probable cause.  The coming mass arrest event will wake the entire sleeping population, starting with the first unsealed indictment.

This will be the catalyst for the great awakening of the world.  Undoubtedly, the entire coronavirus false flag operation will be exposed as well as the subsequent coordinated riots.

I expect the prosecutions [and executions] will be public and undoubtedly must see TV.  The monumental benefit to the United States [and the world] will be the recovery of the assets stolen from America, resulting in the abolishment of the IRS and the elimination of the national debt.  This is what the President means when he says, “The best is yet to come!”  In his first year, President Trump issued Executive Order #13818, specifically stating how he will recover the assets, estimated to be in the neighborhood of $100 to $200 Trillion.  When you are up against a 6000-year-old death cult, you only get one chance!

Godspeed Q