So you think Q is a conspiracy theory?  There are still a few people that believe the news reported by the mainstream media is real!  Have you noticed there is virtually no diversity of stories or opinions in the MSM channels?  Loud and clear—one message—Trump is a horrible person, he’s hurting America and he’s a bad leader!  Really?  If you pay close attention, you might even notice the same “phraseology” in all, or most outlets. 

The Deep State is real.  The [C]lowns [I]n [A]ction serve as the editorial board of the cabal communications network (among other things).  Operation Mockingbird, palpable and wildly successful from its inception, has become somewhat predictable with methodology and technique.  The notable ‘mock and humiliate” tactic, while tried and true, has become stale and anticipated.  Their response to Q Team was foreseeable and a pivotal component of the stratagem.  The information about to be revealed would have been easily marginalized if only disclosed to devotees.  Now that the whole world is watching, no power in Earth can stop what is going to happen.  You will hear the term D5, referring to the flood of information to be released over the coming weeks and months.  It cites the worst in the avalanche severity chart:

Is there anyone alive who thinks they can send an email, delete from the “sent folder” and the corresponding “inbox” on the receiver side—and think it erased?  Edge providers (Google, FB, Microsoft, Yahoo etc.) have enormous storage facilities and probably have everything you have ever composed, sent or drafted.  These edge providers connect to your device through ISP’s, which also have colossal storage capacity, housing everything ever transferred over their network.  You may have heard the term, “No Such Agency” attributed to the NSA.  The NSA or National Security Agency is responsible for global collection, monitoring and processing all information for counterintelligence purposes.  This is commonly referred to as “signals intelligence” or [SIGINT].  Suffice it to say the NSA has everything—a single storage facility has capacity measured in “yottabytes,” which is a technical term for “a lot!”

The “double bind” highlighted in WWG1WGA is playing out to perfection.  The media has destroyed themselves, not realizing their credibility is long gone and the breathless state of the talking heads wreak of panic!  There is an auspicious absence in the media coverage of Q—Fox News!  You cannot find one story on the official news feed, @FoxNews, that mentions Q or QAnon, let alone tying the phenomenon to a conspiracy.  This cannot be an accident. 

What will be released and when—I haven’t a clue, nor do I care.  This is a military operation of the highest classification and magnitude.  If I had to guess, here are a few items that could cause quite a stir:

  • 20 redacted pages from the FISA app (which spell S-C-A-M)
  • DNC server—proves the WikiLeaks was from inside (Seth Rich) and not a Russian hack
  • Hillary’s home server—chapter and verse on “pay to play” scheme

These are conversation (prosecution) starters.  The amount of evidence will be overwhelming and irrefutable.  In the 4.5 billion years of Earth and the 6 million years of Human (and ancestors) existence, we get a chance to witness one of the greatest events ever (save Jesus).  What a time to be alive.  MAGA!