Confused by Q?  You are not alone—most everyone that follows Q has some sort of opinion of how things should go—and they’re all wrong.  The board that Q posts on has attracted attention across the globe.  Last Saturday night, as Q was posting, we experienced a DDoS [distributed denial of service], or so it seemed. Q informed us that the site simply crashed with 2.2 million attempts to access within 1-2 minutes.  To put that in perspective—during the first 8-10 months of Q, the number of UID’s [unique user ID] rarely exceeded 200.  The entire world is watching.  With that in mind, the dual purpose of the image board as a delivery platform has always been (1) communication and control for operation teams in the field and (2) a back channel for POTUS to bypass the severely compromised MSM to talk with us directly.  As we have found, there is a vital third objective—to misinform the enemy, discussed in Art of War

The combination of functionality, anonymity and deception make the image board the perfect medium for plausible deniability [rock solid].  For this reason, self-proclaimed Q aficionados get discouraged with their inability to decode the intel drops.  Let me put you at ease—you’re never going to break the comms to operators in the field.  That leaves you trying to deduce bona fide intel from deliberate misinformation.  Q is not here to make predictions that happen at a specific time.  If you approach it that way, you will always be wrong and disappointed when trying to anticipate future events.  The Plan is fluid—timelines and circumstances change as the battle rages on.  My advice: keep your focus on the overall goal, which is freeing humanity from the grip of evil that has been in control for a very long time.

This is bigger and scarier than you know.  If you are a doubter who cringes at the mention of “The Deep State,” you should prepare for your worldview to be shattered.  Yes, it seems far-fetched that there is a cabal of career government workers conspiring to harm the President, however when you consider the media is in on it and you get all your information from said media—viola!  This is unquestionably bigger than you know or can imagine!  Never before, have so many in Congress chosen not to run for re-election—simultaneously.  Never before, have so many C-Level corporate executives voluntarily retired—simultaneously.  The recent casualties in Hollywood are just the tip of the iceberg.  Virtually the entire media complex is in the tank [Deep State].  Nearly every aspect of life has been weaponized against anyone who dares to stand up to their agenda.  It is all connected, contrived and coordinated.  They are all implicated in systemic, widespread and longstanding organized crime.  We are starting to see this same phenomenon with world leaders [May & Merkel out—Macron next].  The tentacles of this cabal have controlled virtually everything with one glaring exception—the US Military. 

Perhaps you can temper your impatience a little if you consider Q hinted this operation has been going on for DECADES already.  Serious military men don’t waste time sitting idly on their hands dreaming of future glory.  They have actually been busy doing important preparatory work the whole time.  It has only taken this long because this is how long it took.  What could they have been doing for so long?  Well, for one thing, they have been preparing counter-moves for EVERY possible action the desperate enemies might take when they are cornered like rats.  The enemies could not be allowed to have any form of “if we go down, the world goes down with us” scenario in their back pocket.  Every single way they could cause massive damage must first be identified and neutralized BEFORE it was even possible to start the extremely complicated process of taking them down, as safely as possible.

This means The Plan included creating safeguards against manufactured nuclear disasters, release of bioengineered pathogens, triggering of an economic collapse, and dozens of other nightmare scenarios that could kill BILLIONS and possibly end human civilization as we know it—some of which you can imagine if you try and some scenarios that go outside of what you think is possible.  Because you don’t even know half of the capabilities these people truly, possess!

While /ourguys/ were working diligently perfecting The Plan so that it won’t fail, the enemy was given decades of precious time to cause further damage.  The world is at a very precarious state and many things have gone wrong over the last 20 years.

It’s not just that children were continuously being raped and ritually sacrificed, entire cultures were being hollowed out and sabotaged from within, in preparation for the complete and utter subversion of all that is healthy and supportive of Life on this planet.  That is not an exaggeration either—this is the ultimate fight between the forces of Life and the forces of Death.

Yet our heroes kept patiently working on The Plan instead of rushing into action.  The Plan HAD to succeed because they would only get one chance.  So they watched in silence while the enemy was devouring the world and methodically destroying all that is good and sacred because they could not afford to let their emotions cloud their judgment and endanger The Plan.

Rest assured, for every tear you have shed over how excruciatingly slow this process is, they have shed thousands!  Not only over the damage being done to the world while they were still not ready to act but also over fallen comrades that gave their lives in the invisible war that was being fought while the rest of us were sleeping.

We are close to fruition of the most transcendent plan ever conceived.  Notice, if you will anomalies in the Federal Court System of Indictments [SEALED].  Prior to President Trump’s election, the rolling average for any 12 month period was approximately 1000.  The number now stands at 70,887 as of December 30, 2018 per PACER [Public Access to Court Electronic Records].  That number may still be significantly understated, as multiple persons can be named in a single indictment. 

We may be a lot closer to the end than anyone thinks.  Colossal prison barges have been spotted in December on the East coast and West coast of the United States.  The barge pictured below, seen previously in New York City, was pictured here in Morehead City, North Carolina on December 14, 2018 with its final destination being Cuba. 

When you read Q’s intelligence drops in the future, remember “many Bothans died to bring us this information.”  Every time you hear of military deaths in a “training accident,” chances are very good that brave warriors died fighting evil under the cover of an accident.  

This is as far from a game as it could possibly get.  This is the ultimate war between Good and Evil—the most serious war ever fought on this planet AND BEYOND.  Suffice it to say this goes above 40,000 feet in more ways than one….

Truth be told, we do not know the half of it, and for that we should count ourselves BLESSED.  Reign in your selfish impatient tantrums and prepare to do your part, no matter how small.  Every contribution matters.

Fight Fight Fight!

Pray Pray Pray!

And above all, Trust the Plan.  It’s all we’ve got and thank God we have it!