Liberals (aka Libtards)

Liberals (aka Libtards)


  1. a small minded person who tries to make themselves look big and clever
  2. an ignorant, hate-filled and stupid person
  3. someone who cannot think of a valid point to make in a discussion
  4. prone to discrimination, racism and prejudice
  5. individual whose thinking process has been rendered impaired by political correctness
  6. one who fails to understand that people are responsible for their own actions
  7. (often initial capital letter) member of a party in politics that destroyed themselves by adopting the entire platform of the Communist Party
  8. someone intoxicated by their education, social stature and groupthink feedback that they don’t realize people are not laughing with them, they are laughing at them
  9. a person who has succumbed to the dreadful brain eating disease known as liberalism, of which there is no cure, save common sense


Synonyms: snowflake, prog, tard, xenophobe, fanatic, communist, bigot


Donald Trump and the MAGA movement are winning because we know our enemy and despite their constant defeats, they still have no understanding of us.  It's a strange experience being in a room of educated liberals these days. The vast majority (e.g. my family and friends) are really great people but they refuse to be curious about what MAGA is and therefore cannot understand why Trump was elected.  My very close family knows that I support Trump and MAGA. They are simply dumbfounded.  I have tried to explain it to them—its movement that is taking us back to the real world, a bit like waking from a bad dream.  Nothing works!

Even when I point out it is about purging the nation from the sickness of corruption, they refuse to engage.  When I point out that it is not just about Trump—even he admits he's just the messenger—they simply will not consider my point of view.  What is interesting is that while they have zero interest in understanding MAGA and supporters, I have a very good understanding of what they believe, how they think and view the world.  At the core is a very strong sense of entitlement to power.  This comes from a rigid certainty that they are intellectually and morally superior people.  Many of these liberals truly believe that they are just superior human beings in every way.  If you regard yourself that way, it means that you consider it a waste of time to consider any other point of view. It also means that you have license to preach to your inferiors, and justifies ridiculing and belittling them.  However, most importantly, it means that you are relieved of the burden of persuading others to give you power (e.g. political power).  Because you are BETTER, you are entitled to TAKE power and keep inferiors away from it. Modern liberalism is essentially totalitarian in nature.

If there is anything, the 8 years of Obama taught me, it was the rise of a totalitarian instinct among utopian liberals. By 'utopian', I mean the Obama crowd—the ones who wanted to IMPOSE their progressive agenda on America.  Utopians reverse engineer society.  They start with their ideal world and work back to destroy resistance to it.  Because their idealized world is genuinely progressive and better for all, fundamental protections for ALL citizens are no longer guaranteed.  The rule of law becomes a flexible concept, rather than a bedrock principle that glues society together.  Illegal spying on citizens becomes justifiable, as with IRS targeting innocent groups and citizens on political grounds.  Not just justifiable—LEGITIMATE.  Equality under the rule of law is also a flexible concept.  For example, using identity politics and race baiting, Obama was aiming to destroy the belief that equality existed, had ever existed, or was even possible.  Divide—rule.  It means that over time, critical social institutions degrade—the judiciary, intelligence, armed forces—and the powerful people within them become infected with a political virus (aka corruption and crime). It is a slow and largely invisible process of rotting.  Even information itself becomes corrupted.  Using a mix of rewards and punishment, Obama was able to give license to loyal media to lie, mislead and propagandize.  Hillary Clinton would have followed suit.  The role of the media as enablers of what happened to America 2008-2016 is only now being exposed.  Read the excellent Sharyll Attkisson book, THE SMEAR to learn more.

Underlying it all is liberal progressivism and the fraudulent post-modern philosophy that drives it.  Corporate America is allowing itself to be taken over by the same insanity that destroyed the Democratic Party—liberal progressivism.  There is no such thing as truth, only context and perspective.  The west is sinful and must always apologize and atone.  Humans are flawed and perfectible, as long as they strive toward progressive ideals.  Perfection encapsulated by the postmodern god Obama.

What seems to have happened 2008-2016 is that this new religion started to take the place of imperfect, but secular, government.  The Democratic Party, now shattered beyond repair became the vehicle for this religion's attempted takeover.  One way with its own high priests and priestesses, language, sins and indulgences—as well as a pathway to salvation—demanding submission and unquestioning faith from its acolytes.

Of course, the world Obama created was a fertile ground for charlatans and criminals. Liberal progs are the most gullible suckers I have ever seen. As long as you can appear to be a fellow worshipper, you can get away with anything.  Hence, the Clinton Crime Cartel flourished.  A Clinton Presidency would have been a great tragedy, not only for America, but also for the world.  The USA would have been destroyed.

Trump is a genuine historic figure and only people like him have the courage and skill to take the type of action that needs to occur against the Clintons, Obamas and their stooges.  It is not just about restoring the rule of law, but also about sending a message to other Clintons and Obamas out there, who right now are watching to see what Trump does.  They need to have no doubt that it will NEVER be permitted to happen again.  It is about waking liberals from their nightmare and shaking them from their delusions.  I'm an optimist and think that many have started to see (1) how badly conned they were, but many still 'resist' admitting to themselves they have been conned (2) that they are intelligent, but NOT intellectually or morally superior and (3) the imperfect world we live in is NOT something that can be 'perfected', but CAN be improved.  In other words, they are just like everyone else.

Right now too many are doing what Obama did—admiring themselves in the mirror, unable to look away from their idealized reflection, while the world moves on without them—“Narcissus.”  Until the spell over them is broken, they will not be able to move on and will continue to suffer defeat after defeat.  That is NOT a good thing, if we want MAGA to succeed.  America needs this sickness removed as President Trump keeps reminding us.

Rex Imperator

paraphrased by TT