Memo to Narcoleptic Libs

I am sure you are familiar with “cognitive dissonance” and have no doubt developed strategies to cope with the evidentiary mountain of contrary information you confront every day.  I write this in the spirit of good will as a self-preservation aid.  Your entire value and belief system is about to be challenged and I want to help you prepare.  Virtually everything you believe is fiction and some of the realizations will be horrifying.  In my previous entry, “Who is Q” much of it was supposition, but you have to admit—the political establishment’s vision of the world is falling apart right before our eyes!  My Congressman, Sam Johnson, whom I used to admire (war hero, conservative, blah blah blah), is not running for re-election.  His position on Trump was so incomprehensible—I straight up called him a fraud and an obvious pawn of extortion.  It turns out, he took Trump’s deal (bow out gracefully and avoid the perp-walk), as an unprecedented number of Republicans have (and even some Dems).  Now the head of the anti-Trump caucus—Paul Ryan is out, ostensibly to “spend more time with the family!”  You cannot ignore the fact that the media is so removed from reality—it’s comical.  They have destroyed their own credibility.  Since September 1, 2017, there have been >1700 significant ‘key personnel” abdications of power or suspicious deaths (Congressional, corporate, government, law enforcement etc.), yet no coverage in the media.  Curious! 

Right now, there are >24,500 Sealed Federal Indictments in the system (total of all 94 districts).  The rolling average of sealed indictments at any given time is about 1000 (pre-Trump).  This number is straight from PACER.  Guantanamo Bay Naval Station has been upgraded to accommodate an extra 15,000 ‘guests’ and a staff of 5000—totally unreported in the media!  Why?  Also, largely underreported or analyzed were (1) Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the “Dance of the Swords” and (2) his trip to the “Forbidden City” deep within China. Unprecedented for an American head of state!  These meetings were “deals” of monumental proportions!  The Saudi’s have eliminated the blackmail/bribery (of US politicians) scam run by Prince Alwaleed and Co. with the arrest, detention and confiscation of assets of >200 Royals.  The meeting China, hosted by Xi, was to cut the deal with Kim to de-nuclearize and unite Korea.  That’s right—it is already done!  Later this year Iran will be tamed.  The Iran and N. Korea breakthroughs were (are) possible with the deconstruction of CIA control of both rogue nations.  There is another huge red pill for you to swallow—our own CIA is the primary root of all that is ugly in the world.  Other examples that come to mind are the CIA/Deep State operations in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and presently Syria.  The world dodged a bullet in Egypt with the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

That was the biggest challenge of the Trump team—to gain control of our own government.  It is not yet complete and you can expect more “false flag” operations like Parkland, airplane crashes, “false” ballistic missile alerts, numerous “training accidents” with military personnel and who could forget the narrowly avoided catastrophic derailment of a high-speed train carrying the entire Republican Congressional delegation on its way to a retreat!  There is a war going on; Team Trump (NSA & Military) against CIA, DOJ, FBI, and State Department (generally, what is defined as the Deep State).

 I believe the genesis of this entire operation dates back to the assassination of JFK, which firmly established CIA control (of the government).  It is relatively easy to understand why Kennedy was an existential threat. 

From there they launched Operation(s) Mockingbird (control of the media) and MK Ultra and successor programs (designed to implement the false flag ops to change the narrative when necessary).  The term “conspiracy theory” was born by taking totally wacko lore such as  “Bigfoot,” the “Lochness Monster” and “Elvis is alive” and combining them with “the CIA killed Kennedy” and “fluoride is bad!”  You can easily understand and accept that Elvis is deceased, so therefore Kennedy, chem-trails and fluoride must be in the same category.  This is the popular use of the non sequitur to construct a false narrative and then repeating it so many times you determine—it must be true.  You will recall the Third Reich was very effective with this methodology.  It is not a stretch to imagine the “Kennedy Curse” being CIA conceived and Mockingbird promoted.

The final chapter, yet to be revealed, is the culpability of religion in this worldwide fraud, explicitly the Vatican and what role Israel has played.  This will no doubt be very disturbing to many but when you look at the big picture from a different perspective; it is all very understandable—money!  The oldest motivator there is.  It is all about the accumulation of wealth and the power that comes with it.  That is where Global Warming fits into the overall plan.  It is (was) a money grab of enormous, unfathomable proportions that would have bankrupted the world.  And who would have been on the beneficiary end of that—not you or me?  Those in power would have reaped trillions of $$, ending with world war and the requisite “thinning of the herd.”  

Back to the indictments, there will be a litany of charges from treason & sedition on the high end (carrying death sentences or life imprisonment) to the more mundane offenses of corruption and human trafficking (punished by prison and forfeiture of assets per EO 12-21-17).  In addition, the relatively run of the mill crimes of sexual harassment/abuse, graft, voter fraud, gunrunning, drugs and RICO violations specifically target the low-level “useful idiots” component of the crime syndicate.  Incidentally, Trump won the popular vote by a compelling margin that was erased by machine tampering and unusually high totals of deceased & illegal voters—all to be proven by the Department of Homeland Security. 

 I still believe that martial law is unavoidable.  I do not see how you can hold trials in the judicial system and expect the existing corruption not to affect outcomes. My theory about using the Emergency Broadcasting System may be over the top but I think it is a contingency plan if the mainstream media, in its present form, is still unrepentant. We may even be under martial law right now.  Take notice when the President appears, he is usually accompanied by the Admiralty Flag.  It looks the same as the US flag but with gold trim around the perimeter.  It signifies martial law and suspension of the Constitution. 

If you have come this far you of course realize that I am so far out on a limb with this crackpot theory that you are ready to have me committed.  I understand and ask you to humor me with your attention to what is really going on.  You will notice people who refer to themselves as “woke.”  More and more, this theory will be proven or dispelled.  It may all a LARP (live action role-play) but I am having a blast and thought I would let you in on the fun.  At worst, it is entertaining—at best, we have a front row seat for the most interesting events in the history of the world, save Jesus.