Message from the Maestro

As you know, we are at war.  And the war is essentially spiritual.  Our Country, our way of life and our freedoms have been hijacked by an evil sprawling structure using politicians that we trusted, who have compromised themselves with undisclosed allegiances to undisclosed powers through undisclosed oaths and secret societies.  JFK tried to correct America’s course and put it back on the glorious path traced by our Founding Fathers but they assassinated him before he could even start.

Since my election, I have attacked the very foundation of this opposing structure, the Cabal, whose primary mission is to harm our children, kill us through multiple means, dumb us down and impoverish us.  Their attack is not only against America, it’s against humanity.  Their attack is violent, pernicious and fueled by a hatred of mankind and his children whose contours many would be shocked to discover.  The explanation for this violent hatred can be found in our Bible and in the simple observation of what surrounds us:


In their frantic pursuit of ever-increasing wealth and power, they engage in international human trafficking in order to sacrifice our children to ancient deities they continue to worship.

Under the disguise of major government infrastructure projects, they have diverted gigantic amounts of public funds [trillions] to expand and modernize the underground facilities needed to continue their sick and illegal secret activities.

I have put an end to this.

With my Executive Orders and the help of our great Military, the international Satanic Cabal is not only financially asphyxiated but soon to be eradicated.  All their supply lanes for human trafficking are being blocked and they are no longer able to continue these rituals.

The Satanic Cabal knew that after my election, I would immediately take the necessary steps to terminate their operations worldwide.  They tried to stop me with the Russian hoax and their Fake News media hoping I would finally compromise under their pressure.  It did not distract me.  With your support and your prayers, I am focused and we are going all the way.

Now that they are significantly weakened, they are retaliating by targeting those around me with unjustified official and officious investigations and activating fake MAGA politicians to divide my base.  They are hoping with these tricks to undermine my preparation for 2020.  That’s fine.  If this is the game they want to play, I was ready yesterday: I have it all and have cleaned up the judiciary system.  In the coming days, I will conduct the Allegro I prepared for them and they will for sure understand why I am called the Maestro.  All types of instruments will be put to contribution for the most beautiful piece of modern political history: will you be able to follow the pace of my DECLAS wand as I conduct the Allegro?  GJ?  Huber?  FISA?

Now about Putin…..You thought he was your friend?  What if he told me everything he knows about you and your puppets?  So you thought we would both fall into the trap of the Russian hoax and be at odds?  Do you remember Helsinki?  He gave me a beautiful ball I still have…….

Serial Brain2

Paraphrased by TT