Message to Nancy

Nancy, our economy is doing very well because I have put an end to the treasonous policies that were depriving the American People from its wealth and exporting it to China.  I have restored our Military might and built a big fat wall around our [POTUS-MI] communications.  The days of the United States being taken advantage of economically and militarily are OVER.  Spying on America using the 5-Eye loopholes and big-tech companies is OVER.  I have decimated the Deep State positions in the private sector and in the Government—many corporate resignations and politicians not seeking reelection.  As promised, I am draining the swamp.

I am fully aware the Russian hoax was created by the Democrats to cover their tracks and to distract America from the real threat our Nation is facing—CHINA.

I am focused and understand the real target.  Very soon, the real numbers will speak and China will come to the negotiation table.  I saw the colors of your scarf on January 23, 2019, the 33rd day of the shutdown.  The American People are now trained to understand symbolism and deduce your undisclosed allegiances.  That is your choice, but be careful—this is now out of the realm of politics.  This is about conspiring with foreign forces to undermine the President’s agenda and security.  This is about activating sleeper cells and organizations like ANTIFA or MS13 to jeopardize the security of millions of Americans.  This is TREASON.

My job is to keep America safe and TREASON will neither be tolerated nor go unpunished.  I have expanded GITMO and am currently building new prisons.  Do you remember Kavanaugh’s hearing?  Military Tribunals are doing their job.  Should you choose to persist in undermining our National Security, you may end up like No Name did.

It is now clear the wall’s ultimate purpose is to protect America from a planned invasion and is therefore more a matter of National Security than about immigration.  The American People are starting to see why you are not willing to negotiate.  I am aware you are actually the minority in your party and that my recent proposal about border security caught the interest of many Democrats.  Perhaps they will soon see through and choose America over the shady and uncertain path you are engaged in.

In the meantime, know Q is everywhere.  We have it all.  All the tweets, the fake names, the burner phones, the emails, the g-mail drafts, the game platform chat logs, video, the servers, everything, we have it all.  We know who did what, when and how.

Your choice.  Grand Jury is coming:

Once the light is switched on, there will be no going back and the tidal wave will reach the House:

So?  Trying to eliminate me and hoping to take over? 

And when it failed, manufacturing Covington to distract people?  Don’t you get it?  I know the entirety of your playbook and with God supporting the Patriots who are standing up and praying to save America, you will fail at everything you try.  I have been preparing for this for decades.  This is the very reason I am walking on earth.  I am the Commander in Chief of the most skilled and powerful Military Forces in the world. 

One signature with a random pen on my desk and your plane was grounded.

Think about it


Paraphrased by TT