New to Q?

About a year ago, top-level intelligence white-hats [Q] began dropping inside tips on anonymous discussion boards like 4chan’s “Politically Incorrect.”  Naturally disbelieving, the Anons (anonymous contributors) set out to prove these posts fake—they could not.  The drops were real!  This intelligence cache, organized & archived, formed a solid story of worldwide corruption, money laundering, extortion, bribes, human and child trafficking implicating the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world.

A sting was set-up by the White-Hats to take down this global network of evil.  Anons were/are used to catalog the entire back-story and share that information with the public at large.  This is the story of “The Swamp,” the “Deep State” and their pending demise.  An unaware public would be shocked at the scale of high-level arrests and would only receive a heavily diluted story from the compromised mainstream news media.  Anons very effectively infiltrated all social media with truth-telling images and hashtags called memes.  What starts as a meme war, grows until it becomes the main topic of discussion across the networks.  The power of the people wielding truth, backed up by research, dulls the effect of the Black-Hat media on the masses.  The truth shall set you free. 

As of this writing, there have been 2343 intelligence drops by Q, cataloged on many sites like this.  There are literally hundreds of proofs authenticating Q and still many, many more predictions.  Here’s the Top 10:

  1. Q predicts Ruth Bader Ginsburg will vacate her seat on the Supreme Court
  2. Q predicts many top celebrities will be outed as pedophiles in satanic sex cults
  3. Q predicts that Huber’s 470-member DOJ team has 55k indictments against the “cabal.”
  4. Q predicts that videos exist that will result in the arrest and military tribunal for Hillary.
  5. Q predicts that many in the Main-Stream Media [MSM] will be exposed for crimes of treason
  6. Q predicts that Big Pharma will be forced to release existing cures for diseases with massive death rates.
  7. Q predicts that Obama will claim Kenyan citizenship to try to escape prosecution.
  8. Q predicts that the Democrat Party will be tainted beyond repair prior to the mid-terms.
  9. Q predicts that the Federal Reserve will be restructured and control of the central bank to the US Government.
  10. Q predicts that many politicians have been blackmailed by Israel, Iran, China, Russia, etc.

Regardless of my predisposition to believe Q, I found rock solid proof early that anyone can effortlessly corroborate today.  On November 8, 2017, President Trump tweeted this at 1:17 PM:

With a simple, right click on the image (found on the Twitter feed of @RealDonaldTrump), then selecting “properties,” we find a 15-character appellation of the image.  The chances of a random allocation of “DO-IT-Q” in the first five spaces are about 1 billion to one!  Those odds were good enough for me to proceed on the premise that there was coordination with POTUS and the Q posts:

Q has a sui generis interpretation of John McCain’s passing that will no doubt become known.  In addition to the questionable conduct of Senator McCain [association with George Soros, Obama, Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, John Brennan, Jim Comey,  ISIS, Trump dossier, Fusion GPS and the Media], he was caught red-handed transporting nuclear materials to Iran (the enemy) in Syria by special operators under command of JSOC.  That is TREASON.  Here are Q posts leading up to McCain’s passing.  Point of interest, Q and POTUS do not refer to McCain by name—he is labeled “no name.”

With the special operators capture of McCain for “suspected” conspiring with the enemy, he was tried in a Military Tribunal, found guilty of treason and received the death penalty!  Notice that Q picks the time of death exactly 30 days prior:

Shortly after McCain’s passing John Kasich, while interviewed on CNN said, “It’s been less than 24 hours since McCain was put to death!”  That interview has been removed from the internet but it was there for a couple weeks for all to understand what is going on.  Good luck, the ride is going to get bumpy!