QANON - The Plan to Save the World

The Q movement is made up of individuals [Q-ANONS] that follow documented, verifiable evidence about the truth of our history to expose the corruption and evil that has plagued our world for generations.  Q-ANONS are not told what to think or how to feel about a topic.  The entity of “Q” presents questions [Socratic Method] and information for analysis and thought.  Q-ANONS research for truth and present findings that are scrutinized by peers for further corroboration.  The Q movement is not about violence, subversion or control.  Some of the findings have been terrifying.  This is the investigative job that our mainstream media refuses to do.  The choice to know what has been found, verified and presented is entirely up to you.  What is dark will come to light. 

If you were to follow Q daily, you would see hundreds of “proofs.”  Some are subtle—some are intricate but the enclosed is visual, obvious and just materialized yesterday.  On January 5, 2019, Q posted this:

The subject matter is the declaration of the national emergency, with CD meaning Camp David.  The time on the watch is 3:15.  Then on March 2, 2019, Q posts the watch again:

The time on the watch is now 3:42.  The subject matter of the post relates to the fact that the mainstream media is preoccupied with convincing the public (((you))) that Q is a “conspiracy theory” or a LARP [live action role-play].  If you followed the action yesterday, the President vetoed the legislation by Congress attempting to limit the President’s constitutional power to declare a national emergency.  The Attorney General, William Barr, stated emphatically that the President acted properly within existing law and the Constitution.  Notice the timing of this press event as it relates to the graphics above:

Now you might say that this is all a big coincidence and you may be right, but after you see over a hundred such occurrences, you could also conclude that this “plan” is quite elegant and extremely well thought out.  After the briefing, Q confirms the series of events “Marker 1 Complete”

The link within the post [above] is to POTUS Schedule account:

Similar to the execution of John McCain for Treason [predicted 30 days in advance discussed here] this operation is scheduling microscopic details of events down to the minute.  I submit to you, in order to achieve that level of precision, years of planning would be required.  In order to have a fully vetted team constructing this elaborate operation, one could imagine a decade of lead-time might be insufficient.  We have watched this for over a year.  The planning took much much longer.  I think we are close to the general public starting to get a glimpse of what is to come—think unsealing of the first indictments—college admissions scam!  Stay tuned and enjoy the show!