The Art of War

For 2500 years, The Art of War stands as the most influential strategy text ever written.  The author, Sun Tzu’s approach to warfare, unlike that of Western authors, does not put force at the center.  He reveals that victory and defeat are fundamentally psychological states brought about by the transition from harmony to chaos.  Operationally the goal of psychological dominance and its exploitation is founded upon superior knowledge of the enemy.  The tenets of the book work on any scale, whether one-on-one or nation-against-nation.

I contend that Donald Trump is either Master Sun’s best student or an incarnation.  Trump has utilized his reconnaissance network for decades with genius and deception, gathering intelligence on his adversaries in the media, business and now politics.  He developed his alter ego “The Donald” and used it quite effectively in private life.  He may be the most important figure in American history journalists despise but cannot understand.  They consistently underestimate him, clinging to the liberal narrative, “Donald Trump is a clumsy buffoon who hates women” and “Trump is a monster,” which must be true because liberals honestly believe they are the smartest and most virtuous people on earth.  They know this because they tell each other and themselves 24/7.

Arrogance mixed with ignorance and a total lack of curiosity makes them vulnerable to disinformation.  They have been deceived by someone far smarter—than all of them put together—and they are left punching at shadows.  That is because “The Donald” is not real.  It is the caricature Trump invented and exploited brilliantly for the purpose of deception and distraction.

Everything Trump does and says is for a purpose—nothing is random.  He is setting up the Deep State because everything we are seeing will be “mirrored” back on them.  The NSA & FISA court used to spy on Trump were deemed perfectly acceptable by the media and the Democrats.  What can they say when they are turned back on Hillary?  Trump secretly recorded by his attorney and former staffer, Omarosa, which the media said was A-OK.  What can they possibly say when recordings of the tarmac meeting and many others start appearing?  Campaign manager Paul Manafort arrested and tried for violations unrelated to election.  The media lauded this action.  How can they object to the same treatment for campaign manager John Podesta?  Trump attorney’s office raided without a thought of attorney client privilege.  When Hillary’s attorney, Perkins Coie is raided, how can they possibly object?  Trump attorney client privileges waived by court.  What can Hillary say when that precedent applies to her?

Trump recently tweeted that “flipping” should be illegal, causing a rash of media reports on the virtues and legality of flipping.  What can they now say when someone flips on Hillary?  What we are about to see is the mirror reflected on Hillary.  They are trapping the mainstream media and the Deep State by laying the foundation, so they cannot oppose because they already blessed every assault on Trumps rights.  This is all being done on purpose—central to the plan.

Trump abuses Jeff Sessions in a tweet to do something about the obvious crimes on the other side.  Sessions makes an eloquent plea through the media that the Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.  The media gleefully reports that Sessions positon is in jeopardy—but Team Trump is building the case through the mainstream media that the DOJ is not politically motivated.  The Department of Justice is going to work by the rule of law and they are making it abundantly clear that Trump does not have the ability to make them do what he wants them to do because they are independent.  Think of how many times the President has questioned why no Democrat crimes are investigated.  Practically every day!  Trump gets the media to disagree on purpose for use later on.  The media and the Dems have already come out and said that firing Sessions would be crossing a red line.  Team Trump wants everyone to believe and think that Jeff Sessions is doing nothing, and Trump is very unhappy with him.  They are separating themselves from each other because when the hammer falls, Sessions will be independent, not political, Trump did not force him to do anything and the media will have begged Sessions to stay—they are boxed in!   Sessions has remained recused from Mueller’s witch-hunt.  Huber and Horowitz have gathered all the evidence—both Obama appointees!!!  Do you think for one minute this has not been planned?

Trump has very publicly gone after the social media platforms Google, Facebook, Twitter and the rest.   Remember the court ruling that said that Trump cannot ban (block) people that were commenting (rudely and obscenely) because it’s a public forum?  Do you honestly think that was an accident?  It was done on purpose to get the court to rule against him to be used later against them.

Rudy Giuliani recently stated if Trump were impeached, there would be a revolt, prompting the media to demonize his comments as inappropriate.  You cannot revolt over politics and political adversaries. 

Trust the plan—the plan is to get the Deep State to admire the people who are taking them down.  The obstacle is not arresting the bad guys—that’s easy.  The hitch is getting the public to accept what is about to happen.