The Calm Before the Storm

On October 5, 2017, the President hosted top military leaders for a briefing in the Cabinet Room followed by dinner with spouses in the State Dining Room.  Between events, there was a brief photo-op where the President told the reporters “We have the world’s greatest military leaders in this room.  Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”  When pressed on what he meant, the President said, “You’ll find out.”  This occupied the mainstream media for about one news cycle.

If you have been following President Trump closely, you have probably found that he is extremely precise and does not not make mistakes.  You may not realize it but everything he says and does is with purpose and forethought.  For him to drop something this ominous, you can be sure it’s a fait acompli.  Nothing happens by accident with this President.  He has been preparing for the Presidency for perhaps 30-40 years.  He has had access to people and information at the highest levels of society the entire time and need I remind you, he does not drink or smoke!  Imagine for a moment what he has heard for the last four decades, while playing the gracious host with the bottle of Cristal in hand.

Let’s review for a moment what has happened on the world stage in the last few months:

  • POTUS suggests punitive actions against China trade practices
  • NATO nations accelerate payment of arrears
  • POTUS refuses to certify Iran compliance with nuclear obligations
  • POTUS and King Salman make counterterrorism pact on the “Glowing Orb” in Riyadh
  • The fall of Mosul—ISIS defeated
  • POTUS cancels TPP and Paris Climate Accord
  • Xi Jinping elevated to China’s most powerful leader since Mao
  • Mohamed bin Salman becomes Crown Prince—seeks to “modernize” the Kingdom
  • King Salman cracks down on corruption in Saudi Arabia
  • Xi Jinping receives POTUS in the Forbidden City
  • United States deploys THAAD [Terminal High Altitude Area Defense]
  • POTUS says DPRK will be taken care of
  • King Salman abdicates to his 32 year old son, Mohamad bin Salman
  • Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
  • Russia withdraws from Syria
  • Iran withdraws from Syria
  • Hezbollah withdraws from Syria
  • The Saudi’s ship missile debris for Nikki Haley to show the world (Iran)
  • Iranian advisors flee Yemen
  • Regime change in Iran has begun
  • Confirmation—Mayor of Nazareth reverses position on Christmas celebration

Domestically, we have seen an unprecedented number of politicians choosing to opt out of re-election.  Why?  Coincidence, I think not.  Hollywood elites, media types and politicians are being outed as sexual abusers/predators daily.  Coincidence, I think not.  There are 4289 sealed federal indictments.  The average for a 12-month period is about 1000.  Coincidence, I think not.  Net Neutrality repealed.  Coincidence, I think not.  MSM reputation further damaged by misinformation reported as fact.  Coincidence—not a chance!  The implosion of FBI senior management.  Coincidence—I don’t think so.  We are on the verge of the largest tax cut since Reagan and GOP opposition to the President has vaporized.  Coincidence—no freakin way! 

Internet message boards are ablaze with theories of what’s to come.  I do not know but speculation is something earth shattering is about to happen—and I think it is going to be good for America.  For too long we have watched the “elites” trample on everything we hold dear as Americans.  It is almost as if they were rooting against the country.  I trust the President and I profoundly believe that everything is connected.  It might be a bumpy ride but the result will unequivocally be MAGA.