The Meaning of KEK





If you are a fan of President Donald Trump, you have probably wondered what KEK means and who is this little green frog named Pepe that pops up everywhere.  You are not alone.  This post will provide a little background and bring you up to date.

The origins of Pepe the Frog go back to the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt.  Pepe is the modern day avatar resurrected by the online image-board culture.  Around 2010, a sad looking iteration of a green frog started trending on 4Chan (, home base of the underground community.  Shortly thereafter, the mainstream term LOL fell out of favor and in its place the new slang term, KEK, rose to common usage.  KEK’s origins are from the video game, World of Warcraft.



After a dormancy period, the two seemingly unrelated elements converged into a deity for the 2016 election cycle.  By this time, Pepe had become the unofficial mascot of 4Chan’s political discussion board (Politically Incorrect), or /pol/ for short.  This anonymous platform is like the Wild West of discussion and generally despised by those with faux knowledge or spurious intent.  Visitors to /pol/ should be prepared to backup claims or be unmercifully taken apart.  Harvard Debate Team has nothing on the regulars of /pol/. 

When Donald Trump entered the political scene in June of 2015, it was a match made in heaven.  He immediately became the candidate of choice—and not long after, Trump was mated with his alter ego, Pepe.  One last tidbit about 4Chan—every post generates an 8-digit numerical stamp.  When the end of a post is assigned repeating digits, it is called “dubs”, “trips”, “quads” and so on.  If a poster were to predict a repeating digit for his post—it is termed a “GET” and this stroke of luck is celebrated.  A strange phenomenon began to take place on /pol/: discussion threads associated with Trump displayed noticeably recurring GETs.  Seemingly, random elements (Pepe, Trump & GETs) converged with high frequency to the delight of the board, for which they proclaimed “KEK”!

Soon after, it became all the rage on /pol/ to hail Trump as the gods chosen candidate—but which god?  The answer was obvious: KEK.  As it turns out KEK is also an ancient Egyptian deity.  The cult of KEK suddenly took concrete form.  Soon /pol/ users attributed all strokes of luck for Trump and likewise all strokes of misfortune for Hillary to the benevolent frog that spoke to them in dubs.  It all came to a head on September 11, 2016 when three mind blowing events transpired within 48 hours: 1. Hillary fainted at ground zero in NY, 2. Hillary’s campaign declared Pepe the Frog an enemy of the State and, 3. Pepe’s musical anthem was discovered on YouTube.  As you can see, the performer P.E.P.E. features a green frog with a magic wand. 

Millions of “little people” that browse 4Chan embedded the image of Pepe with their hatred for Hillary’s corruption and their hope for Trump’s victory on November 8, 2016.  Whether they did this consciously or not—that is exactly what happened.  So what happens now?  Most likely, KEK will continue to grow in power and oppose the corrupt establishment.  The green frog Pepe has become the digital Donald Trump from Kekistan to implement his amazing agenda of America First with the guidance of KEK.

The Hillary campaign (and their minions) tried to attach Pepe to white supremacists by adding swastikas and other symbols of anti-Semitism.  They even got their friend and fellow globalist, Jimbo Wales, to post a fake history of our make-believe hero on his leftist reference site, Wikipedia, which is blocked from editing.  As with most dirty tricks of the Democrats and the mainstream media—they backfire.  One thing the left does not possess is a sense of humor.  The green products on this site are designed to safely mock the Swamp creatures—who cannot win a debate and routinely resort to name calling and now violence.  Pepe the Frog and KEK are the perfect symbols for everything great about Making America Great Again.  MAGA! 

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