The Plan

References to “The Plan” are legion.  You have no doubt heard the phrase “Trust the Plan” frequently in the age of Q but what exactly is the plan?  In the world of MILDEC [military deception], OPSEC [operational security] is paramount.  Knowledge and scope are truly on a need to know basis.  Q has said that fewer than 10 know everything.  I am going to theorize on how an op like this could be executed.

In all probability, Donald Trump was asked to run in 2012 by US Military Patriots and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia [MBS].  It follows that Trump declined based on preparation time required for 100% prospect of success.  Consider the level of groundwork, training and the contingency matrix for a plan of this magnitude!  Four extra years of detail and exigent prep was not wasted.  Upon inauguration, Trump visits CIA Headquarters and The Plan launches at full speed.  How do you gain advantage over those trying to kill you?  You convict them of treason with the death penalty:

Imagine you are Hillary Clinton in early November 2017.  If convicted of treason by a secret military tribunal and given a choice: would you choose the death penalty or life in prison for playing a role in the upcoming 2018 MAGA movie? The Uniform Code of Military Justice [UCMJ] works differently than the Federal Court System.  Charges and convictions under the code mirror the crimes committed (i.e. no plea-bargaining or pre-trial motions).  A conviction of treason and a death sentence produces an incredible amount of leverage. This is how the death penalty could become life in prison: (1) You sign a full written confession. (2) You confess to every crime on video. (3) You surrender all assets and wealth. (4) You abdicate your social media accounts. (5) You are given a new phone and computer. (6) You are implanted with a tracking device. (7) You agree to 24/7/365 “Protection.” (8) The agreement is invalid if Trump team is harmed—immediate death penalty. (9) If you cross any red line—immediate death penalty. (10) You are told to play a specific “role.” (11) You get to go to jail if the entire plan succeeds. (12) Otherwise, the original sentence is imposed.

To make the plan work, Trump’s team would simply need to arrest and convict a few “actors” in late 2017 from each of the four categories above.  Then let them choose the death penalty or life in prison (or reduced sentence based on their level of treachery).  There would have been no need for mass military tribunals during the initial implementation other than the kind of “leaders” above.  Of course, there will be many more trials in 2019.  As of July 31, 2018, there were 45,468 sealed Federal Indictments per Public Access to Court Electronic Records [PACER].  Point of interest: there may be multiple persons named per indictment!  In the interim, the talking heads in the media continue to attack Trump, as long as told to by their Deep State masters, as with Twitter, Facebook and Google censorship.  Once the word gets out that these actors ratted out the cabal, these people won’t be able to walk down the street ever again.  Guantanamo Bay will be their only safe place.

Arrests of individuals are easy.  It is much more difficult to destroy an evil institution like the Deep State or the media than take down a bad actor.  The Deep State scheme was the culmination of decades of patience and the insertion of hundreds (if not thousands) of disciples to key posts in government, military, agencies, media, law enforcement, judiciary, NGO’s, corporations and education.  The real goal (per The Plan) is to make (((THEM))) destroy their own institutions by having them “act” a certain way in public to tarnish their institutions when the truth comes out.  This behavior will ultimately make all Americans learn to despise them for their crimes.  They attack Trump now until the truth revelation.  We can expect a full public confession and an act of contrition from all those given life at GITMO.  CHECKMATE! 

Their insidious scheme was 50% complete but they got sloppy and far too obvious.  They thought Hillary could never lose.

Patriots are still very much at risk.  Special Operators continue missions underground and globally vs rogue actors.  However, once (((THEY))) attacked Trump in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017 (yes—that was an assassination attempt) and the Saudi purge of November 4, 2017 (the ascension of [MBS] Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman), POTUS had every right in the world to convene the Military Tribunals.  This prompted the Q intelligence drops in late October 2017.  The biggest battles have already been fought and won.  POTUS then traveled to China to complete the NK liberation in November 2017.  For all we know, the Tribunals started on January 21, 2017.  You would only need a few in each category for implementation.  It would only take a week for any single trial.  Ask yourself if the behavior of the people above makes any sense without this theory.

The day of reckoning has arrived.  Settlement of all accounts is a fait accompli.  The Deep State must answer for one assassination [35] and two attempts [40] & [45] and all else.  The mid-terms are safe and always have been.  Upcoming events: (1) 2019 Budget approved, (2) Trump exonerated and (3) Kavanaugh confirmed.  Then Team Q drops it all—D5 avalanche of texts, emails & videos.  Red Wave engulfs America—the World is saved—on time and under budget!

Anon & TT