What Time is it?

Referring to President Trump’s watch showing the time as 1:29 PM, Q asks if the significance of the time is understood. 

To which the anons responded with the release of the IG Horowitz Report at 1:29 PM on 12/9, implying that Horowitz, Durham and Barr are all in communication with Q, giving immense weight to the oft repeated “there are no coincidences.”

In fact, the President’s watch shows 1:29 PM and 11 seconds—why is that important?  That’s Washington DC time (Eastern Standard Time).  The entirety of the Q movement is repeatedly framed around a coup that took place against the American people—the murder of our President, John F. Kennedy.  That murder occurred at 12:29:11 PM Dallas time (Central).  The relevance of that is, it was 1:29:11 in Washington, DC—a reference to the hinge moment in the history of our Country, when the coup was consummated and these players took power.  That moment is the genesis of the counter-coup.  They thought they would never lose power.

Ronald Reagan was somebody like Trump, trying to take the Country in a different direction, resulting in an assassination attempt that did not succeed, by the grace of God.  History will soon show conclusively that there was a coordinated attempt to take out President Reagan on that day.  Other assassinations have occurred over time.  A look at the Q drops will reveal the election [Senate] of Hillary and a “start” time.

The Q Team has been very diligent in tying up all their references in a process of reversing the wizardry and magic of this cult--the Brotherhood of the snake, who infest our capital.  All of the imagery, all of the streets, all of the monuments, every building is constructed and designed in honor of the Brotherhood of the Snake, these Luciferian Masters and secret societies who seek to control and use our energy for their purposes of creating this global new world order.  Our job is to stand up and reverse this evil spell—that is the sum of the Q Project. 

Notice Speaker Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and President Obama all speaking at West Point (at different times) make the OK sign, but for those who understand what they are seeing (whom we are at war with), it’s actually 666—code for the Brotherhood of the Snake, the devil worshipers.

A repeating theme, throughout the Q Project, calls for us to put on the Full Armor of God so that we can stand against the schemes of the devil.  We are supporting everything they do through our taxes.  President Trump is methodically leading the charge to restore our nation but it is not an individual mission.  There is no magic pill, person or singular effort that will restore America—this is a group effort.  All our energy is required to be on point throughout.  Going back, all the way to November 22, 1963, many who worked and formulated the counter-coup, did not make it but we are here now.  Q has referred to many times to a stealth bomber [B2] and as in war if you hear or see the bomber, it is already too late.  The payload was released long ago.  By the time you see it, it's already headed for home.  It is already done.  Those bombs, the MOAB’s, are already in flight.  They are following a laser-guided trajectory to their target.  A fait accompli.

Every day, in the Oval Office, the President’s team [Q Team] prays the JFK Prayer.  When the President was sworn in, before Melania would spend one night in the White House, they cleansed the White House of all those satanic spirits and evil entities.  Satan was evicted.  The Q project is cleansing our Nation.  Many around the world are hoping to extend the movement to the entire planet.

Why do they hate our President so much?  These Canaanites, who worship Moloch, cannot stand that God’s children are re-taking control of their country. There are 139,915 sealed indictments in the Federal Court System.  Justice is coming!  That is why the venom is so strong—they are so stressed.  These next few weeks are going to be amazing.  We need to gird up and be ready to talk with our family, neighbors and friends.  We are at war.  We all must be part of this.  Slaves No More!

So…..in answer to the question, “what time is it”—It’s Showtime!


Juan O Savin

Paraphrased by TT