Who is Q?

No one can really say “I know who Q is.” However, the indications are that Q is a team of people working very closely with the President to provide data that Anons (anonymous contributors) can work with to create connections between organizations and people in positions of power that are causing such chaos and distress worldwide.  A relatively small group of people, who identify as the NWO (New World Order), have spent decades slowly infiltrating positions of authority, power and influence in government and business worldwide.  They use their power to blackmail, coerce and murder, in an attempt to enslave the planet. 

It nearly worked but then a miracle happened—the election of Donald Trump!

It is significant you understand the background of this astonishing point in history.  For decades, the left (inclusive) has adhered to the objective of controlling America, closely based on Communism’s 45 Stated Goals to Destroy America (1963).  Why—America, as conceived by the Founders, is a direct threat to the rulers who want to control you.  If you control America, you dominate the world.  Corruption has slowly seeped into all facets of life—our values, history (re-writing), speech, education, icons, entertainment, work, religion, and our government.  It seems everyone is trying to get an edge on building wealth and the questionable (illegal) shortcuts have been overlooked by society and law enforcement.  Example: how does a public servant (Senator, Representative or government employee) become a multi-millionaire on a salary of $172k per year without producing a product or service (legal)?  This example is not isolated.  It is plain and simple rampant corruption on all levels of society.

Institutions like government agencies, the media, political parties (yes the Republicans too), corporations, non-profits, the judiciary, charities, universities and the United Nations, are all hopelessly compromised.  Cleaning up this mess will take a Herculean effort.  Who is not totally compromised—the US Military.  The President has a couple four star Marines that are probably at the heart of this massive undertaking—cleaning up the mess.  And I am referring to the worldwide mess, not just America. 

Q (reference to a very high level of government security clearance) has been dropping classified information in a covert fashion on 4chan (4chan.org) and now 8chan (8ch.net) on a selective basis since October 28, 2017.  The chans, a form of social media, are anonymous image boards with a unique culture of highly talented meticulous contributors, affectionately referred to as “autists.”  This term is not pejorative but more a compliment to the talent and singlemindedness of the community.  It is impossible to prove Q’s legitimacy by design, ostensibly to establish plausible deniability.  Confirmations are subtle and veiled by necessity. 

The purpose of this operation is to circumvent the deeply corrupt and biased mainstream media.  As the truth gradually becomes more known, the general public will be more willing to accept it, in spite of the propaganda, if it comes from a family member or a personal friend.

So far, the revelations by Q verify that the NWO is real and is being dismantled by POTUS, the NSA and the United States Military.  For the very first time in history, real damage has been done to the cabal.  Think of this cult as a triangle composed of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Rothschild banking dynasty and George Soros.

Below them in the org chart are puppets, many of whom have had the strings cut, including but not limited to government officials (throughout the world) and numerous persons in corporations and the entertainment industry.  The higher-up puppets, with the help of the CIA (assets), have long relied upon bribery (6 figure salaries and NDAs) and sexual blackmail.  Compromised members have an instinct of self-preservation to keep their mouths shut.  Q has suggested Patriots (Admiral Rogers, NSA Director and a group of Generals) recruited Trump to run for President.  If conclusive proof of the NWO existed, the NSA would have it!

Even the languid populace is beginning to notice (1) the unusually high level of resignations, retirements and premature deaths from Congress and Corporate America.  As Q has implied, many were given the opportunity to confess, sign affidavits of cooperation, quietly resign, disgorge ill-gotten profits and spare their families the perp-walk.  The “at large co-conspirators”  will not be so lucky,   (2) Numerous and constant “mistakes” in media coverage of the President, attributed as “Fake News” (3) The incredible progress by the DOJ in battling the proliferation of human/child trafficking, (4) Executive Order (13818) to freeze financial assets and property of human/child traffickers worldwide, (5) The curiously high number of official visits and assets committed to Guantanamo Bay and Diego Garcia Naval Bases, (6) the unprecedented number of sealed Federal Indictments currently in the system, (7) the coincidental occurrence of foot issues causing the need for a walking cast or boot for high profile figures.     

Summing up, expect the unexpected.  President Trump is not a linear thinker.  He is well versed in asymmetric warfare.  He has the backing of 63 million voters, the NSA and the United States Military.  In order to right the wrongs, he has had to implement a MILDEC (military deception) battle plan.  The working theory is he will have to declare martial law, suspending the Constitution.  This appears to be the only way to avoid the compromised civil judiciary. 

IMPORTANT: Do not panic in the event of martial law or use of the Emergency Broadcast System.  There is no other way. The Patriots are in control!