About Us


Traditional Teez has an “old school” belief that America should come first regarding any government action.  We, along with sixty-three million American voters, noticed the systematic disintegration of what made America great—freedom of expression & religion, the right to bear arms, free enterprise, education, accomplishment, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  These are the concepts guaranteed in our founding documents—The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. Those on the left, threatened by their very existence, seek to eradicate those freedoms that made America the greatest nation on earth!  The question you might ask is, why.  The answer is much simpler than you think.   We are about preserving America and all that it stands for. 

The election of Donald Trump is an existential threat to “the left”—which is synonymous with terms like central planners, Illuminati, Deep State, New World Order, Free Masons, Rothschild’s and the Bilderberg Group.  By the way, this “left” that I refer to also includes many Republicans!  What they all have in common is the desire to control the electorate and dictate policy.  Again, you might ask why.  The answer is straightforward; FOLLOW THE MONEY.  The United States economy is the most powerful financial engine on the planet.  Controlling the tax receipts through policy is the goal of the left.  They have been stealing our money for decades—with rich rewards for all who participate at the managerial level.  This cabal compensates those who assist (the media and politicians) with notoriety and wealth.  The promised redistribution of wealth never really happens and by the time the “useful idiots” realize the fraud, it will be too late (e.g. Venezuela).

We salute and honor those who have sacrificed so much to defend our Country.  Many have paid the highest price in life and limb, for which we are ever grateful.  We are indebted to law enforcement on every level, as they are the “thin blue line,” that protects us from chaos.  We are so incredibly thankful to the firefighters and emergency personnel that give so much of themselves—and get so little in return. 

Our goal is to enlighten our audience and expose the theft of our future through love of country, gratitude of service, mockery and humor.  Make no mistake about it—this is serious business.  We are desperately trying to reason with all the good people on the left who are unaware of this duplicitous agenda.  It is with great appreciation that we thank our patrons in Making America Great Again.  Thank you. MAGA!